All the Tropa Things

Feb 09, 2017

Yung pag nasalubong ng friend mo yung crush niya, itutulak mo sabay tatakbong paalis
Yung pagpunta mo sa bahay nila, di na kailangang kumatok dahil parang bahay mo na rin.
Yung nagtinginan lang kayo, gets niyo na lahat ang isa’t isa.
At yung isang text o tawag lang, drop everything and come to the rescue agad sila.

Sound familiar? We all have a group of friends like that. Whether you’re three, five, or twelve in the barkada, you all come together for good times and bad. You speak your own language, hang out in secret tambay spots, bond over unique shared experiences, and laugh over inside jokes others can’t get because, well, it’s a tropa thing.


Strengthening special connections by enabling real moments with the people who matter - that’s what TNT has always been about ever since its inception in 2000 (happy sweet 16 to us!). Whether it’s miraculously enjoying continuous cell signal in the kagubatan, being able to text your crush wherever s/he is day in, day out (mag-reply man siya o hindi), or whipping up a grand gimmick for an anniversary you forgot with just a quick “ohnopleasehelp” to your friends,

TNT has your back.

Whatever your tropa thing, we got you.

Because we get you.

For us at TNT, this means that we design our services with you in mind: murang call and text offers, free apps, relevant rewards, reliable signal, simple and easy usage, helpful customer care, fun events, relatable endorsers, and a revved up team behind it all committed to deliver better and better every time. Our goal is to continue to be that dependable friend who will never let you down.

Our new logo, inspired by the app icon, represents how we go with the digital flow – and create waves of our own. (Fun fact: That second T is identical to PLDT’s and SMART’s, a testament to the solidarity and convergence of our brands.) The entire look and feel is brighter and more vibrant, while staying true to who we are: down-to-earth, humorous, and optimistic.

The TNT you have always known is shifting gears a little bit, and embarking on a new adventure. It looks like it’s going to be fun. Kaya tara! The tropa’s waiting to welcome you with open arms – and free apps for the first seven days!